Author Talks

Author Talks

If you are interested in me coming to your school please contact me directly or via Booked Out Speaker Agency.

Sessions : each session runs for 60mins

Session 1 : Illustrating a Picture Book The session will look at all the stages it takes to put a picture book together. Elements discussed in this workshop include, character development, storyboards, Publishers changes/feedback, backgrounds and color roughs through to final publication

For primary students I will teach the students to draw four characters out of my books. This will be done, a step by step and is suitable for all ages. Time will be spent identifying the changes that take place between the rough artwork and the final publication. We will discuss which they prefer and why.

For secondary students we will take an existing character and get that character to do something different, to get it to move. A big part of this section of this session will be spent on design. How it is that you place objects on a page, and how that placement enhances the overall feel of the book. We will also discuss the importance of continuity and creating characters that all come from the ‘same world’. Elements discussed in this workshop include, editing, character, roughs, design and teamwork.

Session 2 : Illustration Masterclass This session looks at creating characters both animal and human based on the characters created from my picture books. The workshop will look at how creating unique characters adds to the visual literacy of a story. Along with character, I will touch on the idea of backgrounds with a brief introduction to one point perspective.

This workshop is perfect for both primary and high school grades. It is a step by step workshop, no experience is required. Each student will walk away with a huge collection of amazing illustrations.